Current Classes

Introduction to dance:
Preschool dance class for 3yrs and up. Introducing the children to dance in a relaxed and fun class, based in the ballet technique, but also including story telling through dance and funky time.
Funky Fun:
Modern dance techniques used in funky and cool dance routines. Children will have a great time dancing to current chart music such as One Direction, Katie Perry etc. This class is our introduction to street dance.
Exploring the classical ballet technique, strengthening and improving general physique and posture, and learning how to move with grace and beauty. A must for any little princess!
Our popular tap classes give the children a chance to learn and improve their tap dancing skills.
Tap dancing is great for improving children’s sense of rhythm.  It’s a totally different style of dancing to their other classes and, as we all know, it’s great fun to make noise with your feet!
Street Dance:
More and more popular in recent years, Street dance is a fantastic, fun and energetic form of dance performed to the latest dance music. We teach many aspects of street dance including hip hop and break dancing.
Senior Jazz:
An opportunity for our oldest students to take part in an advanced jazz class where they will be learning contemporary and lyrical techniques, as well as up-tempo jazz.

The age range of the classes is given only as a guide. We will endeavour to accommodate each child in the most suitable class for their age and ability. With the exception of preschool children, you should be able to see an option of a ballet class, a tap dance class and either a funky fun class or street dance class available to your child.


Bedmond Village Hall
3.30 Introduction to Dance (Preschool)
4.00 Funky Fun (Reception and Year 1)
4.30 Tap 2 (Last year's beginners)
5.00 Street Dance (Year 2 and Year 3)
5.30 Ballet (Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4)
6.00 Street Dance (Year 4 and above)
6.30 Break - 15 minutes
6.45 Senior Street Dance  (45 minutes)
7.30 Senior Tap 5 (45 minutes)
8.15 Senior Jazz
3.45 Ballet (Reception and Year 1)
4.15 Tap 1 (Beginners)
4.45 Funky Fun (Reception and Year 1)
5.15 Street Dance (Year 2 and Year 3)
5.45 Ballet (Year 4 and above)
4.00 Street Dance (Year 4 and Year 5)
4.30 Tap 3
5.00 Street Dance (Year 6 and above)
5.30 Tap 4
6.00 Senior Ballet (45 minutes)


Belmont Road Baptist Church
3.50 Introduction to Dance (Preschool and Reception)
4.30 Tap 1                                                                    
5.05 Funky Fun (Year 1 and above)
5.40 Tap 2
6.15 Street Dance (Year 4 and Year 5)
6.50 Senior Street Dance (45 minutes)

Please contact us for more details.